Football & Acorns

What's better than a Friday night 
at a local high school football game?

The combination of 1 sweet date and some beautiful weather
and violá...
the beginning of a perfect weekend.

Mark was called into work early Saturday
and Sunday....

Oh well.
I ended up raking acorns all day Saturday.
Let me know if you need any.
I would guess I have 200 pounds of acorns.

My precious grandkids have been competing 
on their horses this weekend.
Looks like the youngest are starting to know 
what it feels like to win.
Oh how I wish I were with them.
Very thankful for a DIL who keeps me in the loop.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
My neighborhood is hosting a block party today.
To go,
or not to go?
I'm so shy.
I don't want to go by myself.
I'm new here.
Insecurity is not pretty.
I'll probably go.
I'll take pics.


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