Our Easter

Where do I begin?
I have had the most fun in the last few weeks.

I have so much to share but it will have to be in increments because I have had some jam-packed days.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.
This year seemed a little more special for me.
I don't know why,
maybe I had more time to spend seeking Him.
I'm so thankful for Jesus
& His perfect plan. 
I love Him dearly!

Kristen & I spent Easter Eve with my bff, Theresa.

Theresa has the gift of making everything special and fun.
We have been friends since the early 90's.
I can't imagine life without her.
I need to blog about her Plantation style home one day.
It is in south Georgia and gorgeous!

We spent the night, went to church with her on Easter & had the most delicious dinner with her family.
Thanks TK! Let's make it an annual tradition.

The afternoon was spent watching my 4 favorite grandkids hunt for eggs. Actually, there were so many eggs that hunting wasn't necessary.

When I was a child, 
I believe mom hid a dozen hard-boiled eggs.
Seems like my older brother always found them.
Did we eat them things?
I don't remember.

Thank you China for cheap plastic eggs
so we can now carpet the front yard 
with colorful happiness.

Abi was thrilled with each egg she found.

 Eli found the "golden egg".
He's a genius.

I snapped a gazillion pics of Kacey because it was my first time seeing her haircut and I can't get over how adorable she is.

We spent the remainder of the day
by the pool & watching the kids.

I can't think of anything better!
I'm so blessed.


Mark has been working in DC all week so I took the opportunity to join him.
I'm always up for a trip.

This was the view out our hotel window.

We were a block away from the White House. 
It truly is beautiful.

I found this little seafood treasure on this trip.

It is where the locals go and man oh man,
it was so good.
This is the view while we ate.

We walked around the Potomac 
and viewed the remaining cheery tree blossoms.
We were about a week late from the peak 
but it was still beautiful. 

I don't know what kind of tree this is.

Tulips are randomly planted everywhere.

I spent the week walking through several 
museums and landmarks.
I walked for hours each day.

We spent our last evening at a Nationals baseball game.
If Mark can fit a ballgame in,
he is a happy man.

The Nationals played St. Louis.

I can't believe the week has already come and gone.
From DC, 
I'm headed to Florida to spend Easter with family.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter.


Rabbits are everywhere.

Thumper wants to know where his carrot is.

Look at my neighborhood.

Spring is finally making an appearance.

Every road I turn down reveals stunning views.

Thrilled to see green grass.

I'm grateful to live where I can witness the change of seasons.
I flew to DC Monday morning to miss the forecasted snow.
I hope my recently planted flowers are hardy enough to survive the drop in temperature.

I'm enjoying our nations capital.

Oh my!


Yesterday, I'm in the McDonalds drive thru 
which was long but they are quick. 
A car from the outside scooches in front of several cars
 which were in line. We made eye contact and if looks could kill, well, she'd be dead. 
My blood was boiling. Why?

Where did my love for mankind go?

It took awhile for me to calm myself. I'm telling myself all along to chill but it was difficult.

Not fair! My rights! 
Get over it Wendy, it's not about You.

Can you relate to this?
To exemplify the Fruits of the Spirit is my hearts desire.

Pray for me.

Future Beautician

Our sweet Kacey got a hair cut.

About a year ago,
she took a pair of scissors 
to her head.
She only cut the underneath
but at the scalp.
Waiting for growth
enough to shape it up
took some time.

The day arrived.
I love it.
I love this girl.

Would You Rather?

Happy Wednesday to you!

Mark & I went to the movies and saw 
God's Not Dead.
Have you seen it yet?
It wasn't the greatest film production ever
but we enjoyed it.
I think Christian film-makers are 
getting better but have a ways to go. 
They just don't have the Hollywood money.
It did have a few big names in it Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Dean Cain (Superman).
I am encouraged to see more faith based films in the theaters.

Other than some therapy on my shoulder and some enjoyable moments in Trader Joes,
that pretty much sums up my day.

Without further ado,

Back by popular demand!
It's time for another episode of Would You Rather…
I hear your cheers.

1. Would you rather lose your hearing or your sight?

2. Paper or plastic?

3. Live at the beach or in the mountains?

1. You know, I've actually thought about this before. 

It's a tough one but if I must choose then I choose to lose my hearing. I can't fathom not seeing my family. Hard to imagine not hearing their voices or music either.
It's not funny that in my current stage of life,
I'm having trouble seeing the TV and my honey can't hear out of his right ear.  Oy-veh!

2. Paper or plastic?

I always choose paper. 
I come from a logging town where livelihoods are dependent on the need for trees to be cut and delivered to the plants.
Makes much better sense to me to use a product which is quicker to break down in our land fills. 
Why is it that the check-out clerks usually assume I want plastic?
While we are on the subject,
what's your take on reusable bags?

I think they are so cool, (well maybe not the Walmart ones) 
but for some reason I can't seem to remember them.
I have bought them because I want to be responsible and "green" and be cool. I have a pile up in my closet.
Are you supposed to take the Publix bag into Trader Joes or Walmart. That just doesn't seem cool.
I know I am ranting so I'm going on to the next question. 

3. Beach or mountains?
The beach! 
How do I love thee, let me count the ways.
Give me the sunshine.
Give me a sunrise.
Give me the sound of the waves.
Sand in my toes.
The salty air.
Pretty umbrellas.
I could go on and on but one truth remains,
I am a beach girl, through & through.


I love Spring!
The weather has begun to warm in our neck of the woods. 
My bones are happy to be thawing out.
The neighbors are coming out from hibernation.
Grass is slowly turning from brown to green.

I'm always a little too quick to plant flowers.
I don't mind covering them on the few nights 
left where it will go below 30.

Mark & I found a few yard sale treasures which was thrilling. 
He wanted a desk and found a beautiful solid-wood desk that is perfect for him to work from home.
We also found an oversized chair 
which matches our sofa perfectly.
I will share photos when I put it all together.

The afternoon was spent at the ball park.

Mid 50's and clear blue skies made for the perfect day.

Those blue skies resulted in some sunburned fans.
It was a close game but Kansas pulled it out and won.

The day was perfect to cheer my homesick 
and tired of being cold soul.

the Gators lost in the Final Four.
Waah! Waah!
How could they?
They didn't even look like they cared.

I got over it and went outside 
& watered my beautiful flowers.

Hope you are having a wonderful Spring!