My American Girls

When the family was in town a few weeks ago,
we had to go to the AG store and get the girls dolls hair done.
We just had to!

Kacey is happy with how her doll, 
Callen Brooklyn Sue's hair turned out.

Kacey & Abi watching their dolls get pampered.

Abi signing her name to pick her doll up.
How sweet is that?!
She chose pig-tails for her doll:)

Here is Dani's signature.

She was looking forward to get Caroline's ears pierced.
She is listening intently to the instructions following the procedure.
Wait 24 hours before changing out the earrings.

Kacey's turn to sign.

Making precious memories...

Throughout the week,
we stopped and played at several parks.
Kansas has the best neighborhood parks.
I am impressed with the quantity and the quality of parks.

Wish I would have taken more pictures from all the parks
because it really is amazing.

It was a wonderful week! 
I know I am blessed when my kids 
are willing to drive 17 hours 
to spend their Spring Break with me.
I am very thankful.

Oh The Possibilities!

I have fallen in love.
No really!
It's amazing.
So many possibilities.
The biggest challenge...
what to do next!

My forever friend, Theresa
is going to be a YaYa.
Actually, she already is a YaYa 
but this time her daughter is having 
2 at one time. 
I can't imagine.

I took the opportunity to get more acquainted 
with my machine and made some
burp cloths.

Did I mention a boy and a girl?
So perfect.

These are fun to make.

Oh the possibilities!

How many burp cloths do you need?

I need to get another pack of cloth diapers.

Lord willin' and the creek don't rise,
I'm going to Florida next week.
I whipped these flip-flops up for Abi.
Easy and fun little project.

I am still working on t-shirts.
I thought it would be the easiest but
turns out,
not so much.

Maybe ironing will help.
The tension, needle choice,
and how the fabric is pulled
affects the result.
I have thrown away two
shirts and two onesies already.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I won't give up.
I'm determined.
I shall not give in.

I showed these two hats 
already but here they are again.

I wish I would have mailed them
to the recipients because I just know they
would love them for the Kentucky Derby
which is this Saturday.

I don't have time to run to the post office.
I'm too busy.

I hope you are having a great week.

Say a prayer for our Josh, please. 
He is having an MRI this Saturday.
He has been had neck pain that 
runs down to his fingers for awhile now.
Drugs & the chiropractor have not helped so
we hope the MRI will give us a picture of what is going on.


Bible Journaling

I don't know where I first saw Bible journaling but it grabbed my heart right off the bat.
I love, love, love  God's word.
I love doodling.
I love combining the two and that's exactly what this is.

If you have a creative bone in you,
and we all do,
I think you would love it.

At first, I started in a notebook because I wasn't sure 
which Bible to get.
There are lots of journaling Bibles on the market.
When I found this one at our local Bible Book Store,
I knew it was the one.

It is an ESV Journaling Bible.
The pages aren't quite as thin as some.
Notice the wide margins.

I love how it makes me focus on different truth's in God's word.

See the date above?
June 11, 1971
That's the day I gave my heart to Jesus.
I was young but I knew I was committing 
to live my life for Christ.

There are some excellent artists who have taken this to a level 
I could only dream of but I enjoy not having to be perfect. 
It's a form of worship for me.
I love spending time focussed on scripture 
and seeking the Lord.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Most Valuable Player

Mark is on two softball teams.
He is the youngest one on both teams.
It is hard not to laugh.

I do love this man.

They have a cage in front of the pitcher so he doesn't get line-drived in the head.
Let's face it, our response timing ain't what it used to be.

He is the best one on the team.
Just to let you have a clear picture,
other players sometimes ask him to be their pitch-runner.

I try not to laugh.
OK, that's not true.

I sit next to the cage and watch these old guys
use profanity when they strike out. 
(not Mark, he never strikes out because he is amazing)

It just cracks me up. 
How do you strike out in softball?

In all fairness,
I am sitting in my zero-gravity chair with my blanket 
& a thermos of coffee.
It's easy to laugh behind the fence.

I tell myself I go to his games to be a supportive wife.
Truth is...
I enjoy a good laugh.

I do love you Mark.
You definitely are the MVP!

Happy Days

Where does the time go?
Seems like forever that I sat down to share with you.

The weather has been glorious in Kansas.
The Spring colors are breath-taking this year. 
I feel like everywhere I turn, God speaks and says, 
"Hey, Wendy, look at this one."
He thrills me with all the colors.


Sorry it's fuzzy.
I was going downhill on my bike.
When you have the opportunity to finally go downhill,
you don't stop to take a picture.
You just don't.

These are in the Walmart parking lot.

I have been taking advantage of the amazing bike trails
offered in Kansas.

I could ride forever,
if someone would come pick me up :)
I rode about 13 miles a couple times this week.
Some of the hills are a challenge
but I'm getting better.

I have been getting more acquainted with my embroidery machine.

I love all the fun I am having with it.

Of course,
I have a family picture to share.

Dani Mae wanted her hair curled like her doll, Caroline.
Pure sweetness.

Here is a great family shot from the ball park.

Oh how I love them!

Hope you are having a happy day!


The Great Wolf Lodge

We spent two amazing days at The Great Wolf Lodge.
This all-inclusive hotel offers so many options 
to keep the kids busy and happy.

The main attraction is the water park.
While the weather is still cool outside,
this provides a great opportunity to play in the water.

Several water slides for kids of all ages.

The hot tub was perfect to warm up.

The lazy river is always fun.

Here's Kacey zooming out of the slide tunnel.

Abi is looking at the bucket spill over.

A close second in popularity is the Magi Quest game.

The game is basically a souped up scavenger hunt 
that is played throughout the whole hotel.

Eli & Kacey both had a wand.

Elijah recruited Pops.
It was obvious that he was having as much fun as them.

This was Elijah's second year and he advanced quite well.

Here he is checking his score.
Yeah Elijah!
There are people quite older than him playing this adventure.

Kacey was scoring well also.

Dani & Abi chose to get a 
little pampering at Scoops.

They are such girly girls.

The hotel schedules games and fun activities all throughout the day.

Karaoke anyone? 

Balloon animal fun.

Who doesn't love a glitter tattoo!

Two fun filled days
and four happy yungins
make for two happy grandparents.