And My Heart Sings

I wrote this blog last week.
I was so excited that I forgot to post it.

Do you hear at the music?
It's flowing from me.
Why is my heart singing?
I'm glad you asked.

My kids are on their way to see me.
They will be here soon.

Hurry up and get here!

Like all good MiMi's,
I made the grandkids a basket filled with treasures.

I made D & D a basket filled with goodies also.

I have yummy junk food scattered everywhere.
It's a MiMi's right.

Just so ya know,
I did get lots of fruit and veggies to
munch on through the week too.

I made the lamb cake. 
Maybe the eyes should be pink?
I don't know but he's kinda scary to me.
He will taste good.

I borrowed these flowers from my bedroom.
I needed something bright for the table.

 I wired some sticks together to form crosses and stuck them in a planter with some flowers.
I am hoping the flowers grow.

We have a "to-do" list with oodles of possible things 
to do while they are here but most of all,
I plan to hug and kiss and spend lots 
of precious moments together. 

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