Happy Days

Where does the time go?
Seems like forever that I sat down to share with you.

The weather has been glorious in Kansas.
The Spring colors are breath-taking this year. 
I feel like everywhere I turn, God speaks and says, 
"Hey, Wendy, look at this one."
He thrills me with all the colors.


Sorry it's fuzzy.
I was going downhill on my bike.
When you have the opportunity to finally go downhill,
you don't stop to take a picture.
You just don't.

These are in the Walmart parking lot.

I have been taking advantage of the amazing bike trails
offered in Kansas.

I could ride forever,
if someone would come pick me up :)
I rode about 13 miles a couple times this week.
Some of the hills are a challenge
but I'm getting better.

I have been getting more acquainted with my embroidery machine.

I love all the fun I am having with it.

Of course,
I have a family picture to share.

Dani Mae wanted her hair curled like her doll, Caroline.
Pure sweetness.

Here is a great family shot from the ball park.

Oh how I love them!

Hope you are having a happy day!


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