Oh The Possibilities!

I have fallen in love.
No really!
It's amazing.
So many possibilities.
The biggest challenge...
what to do next!

My forever friend, Theresa
is going to be a YaYa.
Actually, she already is a YaYa 
but this time her daughter is having 
2 at one time. 
I can't imagine.

I took the opportunity to get more acquainted 
with my machine and made some
burp cloths.

Did I mention a boy and a girl?
So perfect.

These are fun to make.

Oh the possibilities!

How many burp cloths do you need?

I need to get another pack of cloth diapers.

Lord willin' and the creek don't rise,
I'm going to Florida next week.
I whipped these flip-flops up for Abi.
Easy and fun little project.

I am still working on t-shirts.
I thought it would be the easiest but
turns out,
not so much.

Maybe ironing will help.
The tension, needle choice,
and how the fabric is pulled
affects the result.
I have thrown away two
shirts and two onesies already.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I won't give up.
I'm determined.
I shall not give in.

I showed these two hats 
already but here they are again.

I wish I would have mailed them
to the recipients because I just know they
would love them for the Kentucky Derby
which is this Saturday.

I don't have time to run to the post office.
I'm too busy.

I hope you are having a great week.

Say a prayer for our Josh, please. 
He is having an MRI this Saturday.
He has been had neck pain that 
runs down to his fingers for awhile now.
Drugs & the chiropractor have not helped so
we hope the MRI will give us a picture of what is going on.


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