Is Anyone Hot?

 Happy Friday everyone!
Hope you have big plans for the weekend or better yet, 
plans to relax and enjoy the weekend.

It has been in the 90's here in North Florida.

I don't know how people did it years back without central air.
Can you imagine sleeping in your sweat?
and no thank you
and count me out.

I have been mowing today.
It's a push mower.
Don't feel sorry for me.
I stop often enough.
It is a little embarrassing. 

I found a boat on a virtual yardsale sight that I follow.
Mark was out of town.

For some reason, I am able to shop when he is away.

It was a bargain but now I need a motor.
How was I supposed to know what motors cost?
I am a woman on a mission.
Looking is half the fun.
I will keep you posted.

I got Eli to stop long enough to get a picture.
He goes a mile a minute.
Oh for that energy.

I really do hope you have a great weekend!

Beach Baptism

This is our first year at our church. 
We love absolutely everything about it.
Mark and I volunteered a couple weeks ago 
to help with the yearly Beach Baptism.
We had no idea what to expect.

We showed up at the beach 
at 7:00 a.m.
We had our teal volunteer tee shirts on.
We had our umbrella, our little cooler 
and our two fold-up chairs.

We get out there and began putting up the 
many canopies the church had provided.
The church was very organized 
and had lots of volunteers so it was fun and easy.

When everything was set up,
volunteers began to set their own tents up.
Mark and I didn't get that memo.

Just picture everyone with these amazing Ozark Trail and Academy gazebo tents.
Some had Florida Gator tents and Jaguars.
Mark and I had our little umbrella.
We were pitiful.
People even offered us food.

It was truly amazing.
We had no idea what we were in store for. 

it was a taste of heaven.

Over 250 people were baptized.

Everyone in a red shirt was baptized!
I grabbed the picture below from 
the churches Facebook page.

This photo below shows Mark talking with a man who came to watch his girlfriend get baptized.
He isn't a believer 
so it was a blessing to see Mark stay with him all day
 and make him feel welcomed.

We made lots of new friends all day.

God is doing some amazing things 
and I'm so blessed to be a part of this church.

Be sure the next baptism,
I will have me a big ole tent.
(or maybe not)

Precious Memories

I recently dropped my phone photo's into my computer.
What concerns me is I may never see them again.
Where do they actually go?
Where is that cloud?
Here are a few of my faves.

Abi is always "all in."

Kacey is our artist.

Easter Eggs.

Sister Love.

Kacey & Kent.

We love pizza!

Sweet girl.

I'm too skinny for my jeans.
True story.

Hammock & ice cream.

Celebrating mom for Mothers Day.
Maggiano's is Mom's fave.

Kristen & Felix flew to France to see his sister 
who is a sister.

That's France out that window.
Closest I will ever get.

Pretty teeth.
(hope this doesn't keep him from sending me texts. ha)

We were all ready to go kayaking.
The weather had other ideas:(

He cooks too.

Mark & Josh singing by the piano.

Dad, Mark and Daniel.
Love these men.

As I am sitting here downloading these photos,
Mark and Dad are in Tampa watching the Rays.
Did Dad catch a fly ball?
But of course!
Good times!

My phone is empty.
Time to go take some more pics.

Hope you are having a great week!

Quick Trip To San Antonio

Memorial Day weekend, I flew out for a few days 
with Kristen and Felix. 
Oh how I miss them!
I'm secretly praying that God will move them closer to home.
Ok, it's not secret.

Mark knew I was missing my girl 
so he surprised me with airline tickets on Mothers Day. 
I love him!

We crammed a lot in a few days.
San Antonio is such a great city with so many must-see's.
They have recently restored a lovely area downtown and designated it as an open air market.  
It's a hot spot for local vendors to market their locally grown produce and home made products. 
We had a lovely time exploring all the treasures to be found.

A water feature for kids to splash through 
was perfect for weather in the 90's. 
Plenty of shaded spots to sit and relax. 
I do love to people-watch.

On the outskirts of the quaint park are restored hotels, cute boutiques and shops. 
The ever so popular Bakery Lorraine
just so happened to be on our walk. 
Actually, it was fore ordained that we were going 
to be checking this lovely place out.

You know, iPhotos can't do justice 
but you get the idea how divine this place is.


Oh the choices!
We ended up getting porridge. 
It was deliciously dotted with an 
assortment of berries, 
almonds and freshly whipped cream.
(sorry, no pic)

We walked around the nearby 
Hotel Emma.
If you are ever in the area,
add it to your itinerary.
It was once a brewery in the early 1900's.
It is restored into an exquisite hotel.
They kept much of the brewery contents, equipment and machinery which makes it unique.

The huge round brew kettle below
has been transformed into a cozy sitting area.

Do you see the elevator below?

Every nook was fascinating.

I just imagined they used this desk 
for meetings and such.

Who could that girl be
peeking in the window?

I was going to write about the whole trip but this is quite lengthy so I will hush for now.

One more photo of KJ in her apartment
blessing this mother with a cello solo.

'Twas an amazing weekend that I will be thankful for
for quite awhile.