My Heart Is Home

How many vehicles does it take to carry all my belongings?
Two U-Haul trucks, 1 U-Haul trailer and a Toyota truck.

We (Mark, Daniel, Josh, my dad and myself)
pulled out Saturday morning. 
It was bittersweet but mostly sweet.

We had 1 tire blow out about 6 hours into the trip.
It was fixed relatively quick.

I can't describe my joy as we pulled into our home in Florida.
After 3 years of being gone,
it was pure joy that flooded my soul.

Danielle was in the house with the kids.
I had no idea they were hiding around the corner.

Balloons, banners and dinner all ready for our homecoming.
Mom was here with her famous spaghetti and it did not disappoint.

Delores and Marks dad came for our arrival.

Neighbors and friends stopped by with cookies, goodies and well wishes.

Blessed is all I can say. I am truly blessed.

I laid in bed that first night and just thanked the Lord.

Three days later, I'm still unpacking boxes. 
The ole gray mare ain't what she used to be. 
It seems to take so much longer than it should.
Either that or I just own WAY too much stuff.
I'm trying to downsize.
Say a prayer for me. I really want to be more frugal.
I was thinking about it today as Mark 
and I were plundering through Lowe's.
I love Lowe's.
Everything is so pretty.
I'm like Eve in the garden of Eden. 
They know how to hang those pretty "apples" everywhere 
and I want them, all of them. 
Pretty pillows for the lawn chairs, 
lovely candles for the bugs, new paint.....
etc. You know what I mean. 
I think shopping takes real restraint.

Anyways, it is wonderful to be home. 
I'm a little delirious from all the packing and unpacking but it'll get there eventually. 
I hope.

I will fill you in more later.
Wait till you hear about the couch God gave me.
He loves me.

There's no place like home.

Hope you are having an amazingly wonderful day!

Apparently, I Need To Go To Ikea

I've been to Ikea a few times,
but quite frankly,
it's a little overwhelming for me.
It's my A.D.D.

After seeing a few must-haves on Pinterest,
I think it's time for another visit.

The wooden rack for storing extra pots speaks to me.

The wired mabobs hung on the end of this shelf
looks like something I need.


Did I ever see this shoe cabinet?
I don't own that many pairs of shoes.


Maybe I need more shoes?

I have decided to become more of a minimalist.
Mark says I don't know what a minimalist is.
He is smart.
I can mean it to mean whatever I want it to mean.

I just don't want to own so much stuff.
I wear the same pair of Adidas 342 days of the year.
They feel good and my legs don't hurt at the end of the day.
Fashion is not my main goal.
I wish it were but 
comfort wins out with this girl.

Don't even get me started on bra's.
Necessity is the only reason 
I strap them babies on.

Back to the Ikea ideas...
There are so many cool ideas.
I suggest getting ideas first and make a list before you head to the place.
Otherwise, if you are like me,
sensory overload will take place,
you can't focus or remember what you need.

You will return to your car with salt and pepper shakers
that you just don't need.
I should know.
It does make life easier that they have a "S" & "P".

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Moving day countdown...
4 days

Love to all!

Rocky Mountain High

Mark, Josh and I decided 
we needed to pop over to Colorado last weekend.

It is almost time to move to the east coast and "popping" to Colorado isn't going to be quite as convenient.

Josh hadn't seen the Rockies and I really wanted him to.

Of course, I am referring to the actual Rocky Mountains and I'm sure Josh is more interested in the baseball team.

We did what any good parents would do and we showed him both.

It always amazes me to see snow on the mountains in the middle of July.

When we left the hotel
it was sunny and warm. 
 We drove to the top and saw the most stunning views.
Brrr, it was freezing up there.

 Can you see the elk below?

We drove back down the mountain and went to the baseball game.
The Braves were playing the Rockies.
It was a great game,
even if we were in the nosebleed section.

The Braves ended up losing in the 9th.
We'll get 'em next time!

I always think the city is beautiful.

The most impressive thing to me was the drive between 
Kansas City and Denver.

There are miles and miles and miles of windmills.
I googled it to find out how many there are and I found no data.
There had to be thousands of windmills.
It was amazing.
I love that we are finding more ways to use natural resources for energy.
It intrigues me.

 They are so huge.
The picture doesn't do it justice for the enormity of these guys.

I'm thinking of getting a solar panel in our home in Florida.
Maybe start small, like for our hot water heater and see how it works and how efficient it is.

I'll keep you posted.

It was a quick weekend getaway but most enjoyable.

Colorado is one of the prettiest states I've seen.
I'm gonna say it's in my top 5.
I haven't seen Montana, Oregon or Washington and I know they are amazing too.
They are on my bucket list.

I made a map of all the states I have been to.
I'm thinking a northwest road trip needs to be planned.

We do live in one beautiful country!

Graduation Day For Dani Mae

As I was plundering through some pictures tonight,

I realize I hadn't documented Dani's end-of-the-year 

school party and program.

Dani went to Pre-K this year.

She went to a Christian school in our small town.

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled we were with this school.

She blossomed from day 1.

One day I picked her up and she had a reward in her backpack.

I asked her what she received it for and she said 

(with her southern twang), "I edified." 

I was like, "what?"  What 4 year old says "edify?"

I asked her what that meant and she went on to tell me that she 

encouraged another kid in her class.

I was impressed with the many truths she learned all year.

She quoted scripture like Beth Moore.

Her prayers blew me away.

The essentials like coloring in the lines and writing 

were impressive.

I can't say enough about the benefit she got from this little school.

I was home at the end of the year and was permitted 

to attend her party.

Here she is with her teacher. 

She just loved her teacher and her teacher loved her.

The school had a huge program that evening.

Dani and her friend represented the fashion world.

I was so proud of her for walking out on the stage in front of 

hundreds of people.

I am so thankful for Sonshine

and a sweet teacher who helped make Dani's first experience 

in school one that she will always remember positively.

The picture below is Dani on her first day of school.

A year later...

Good job Dani.
Bring on kindergarten!

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

Tomato, tomáto

 Galvanized containers were perfect for my garden this year.

Very few weeds found their way into my planter.

No bending over.

I had soaker hoses going through the planters

with a timer for when I was out of town.


I have to empty them out for the move because they are too heavy.

I'm thinking we will be enjoying some fried green tomatoes 

this weekend.

I am looking forward to getting some new veggies planted 

when I get to Florida.

Or maybe I will plant flowers.

How about pumpkins?

I am ready for Fall!

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Someone Please Slap Me

If you hear me ever hear me say "I am moving" 
please just slap me.

If I never pack a box again, it will be too soon. 

When we started this venture almost 3 years ago,

I had a yard sale and got rid of tons.

It was good to purge and separate myself from 

all that we have accumulated.

I knew I would never allow myself to get caught up in the trap of 

owning too many unnecessary "things."

We moved to Albuquerque to a 2 bedroom villa.

Fast forward a year and we get transferred to Kansas.

Why, why, why a FIVE bedroom house? 

What were we thinking?

Actually, it's what we could find in the little time 

that we were allotted.

Fast forward yet again to this month.

I have been packing for weeks!

I'm so frustrated that I have so much stuff.

I blame the yard sales. They are amazing here. 

They are several days a week.

You can find a yardsale here almost any day of the week.

See my dilemma?

I'm not complaining because hallelujah! 

I am moving home!

I just needed to "vent."

I feel better now.

The movers (dad & Daniel) arrive next weekend.

I will be home in less than 2 weeks!