Someone Please Slap Me

If you hear me ever hear me say "I am moving" 
please just slap me.

If I never pack a box again, it will be too soon. 

When we started this venture almost 3 years ago,

I had a yard sale and got rid of tons.

It was good to purge and separate myself from 

all that we have accumulated.

I knew I would never allow myself to get caught up in the trap of 

owning too many unnecessary "things."

We moved to Albuquerque to a 2 bedroom villa.

Fast forward a year and we get transferred to Kansas.

Why, why, why a FIVE bedroom house? 

What were we thinking?

Actually, it's what we could find in the little time 

that we were allotted.

Fast forward yet again to this month.

I have been packing for weeks!

I'm so frustrated that I have so much stuff.

I blame the yard sales. They are amazing here. 

They are several days a week.

You can find a yardsale here almost any day of the week.

See my dilemma?

I'm not complaining because hallelujah! 

I am moving home!

I just needed to "vent."

I feel better now.

The movers (dad & Daniel) arrive next weekend.

I will be home in less than 2 weeks!


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