Rocky Mountain High

Mark, Josh and I decided 
we needed to pop over to Colorado last weekend.

It is almost time to move to the east coast and "popping" to Colorado isn't going to be quite as convenient.

Josh hadn't seen the Rockies and I really wanted him to.

Of course, I am referring to the actual Rocky Mountains and I'm sure Josh is more interested in the baseball team.

We did what any good parents would do and we showed him both.

It always amazes me to see snow on the mountains in the middle of July.

When we left the hotel
it was sunny and warm. 
 We drove to the top and saw the most stunning views.
Brrr, it was freezing up there.

 Can you see the elk below?

We drove back down the mountain and went to the baseball game.
The Braves were playing the Rockies.
It was a great game,
even if we were in the nosebleed section.

The Braves ended up losing in the 9th.
We'll get 'em next time!

I always think the city is beautiful.

The most impressive thing to me was the drive between 
Kansas City and Denver.

There are miles and miles and miles of windmills.
I googled it to find out how many there are and I found no data.
There had to be thousands of windmills.
It was amazing.
I love that we are finding more ways to use natural resources for energy.
It intrigues me.

 They are so huge.
The picture doesn't do it justice for the enormity of these guys.

I'm thinking of getting a solar panel in our home in Florida.
Maybe start small, like for our hot water heater and see how it works and how efficient it is.

I'll keep you posted.

It was a quick weekend getaway but most enjoyable.

Colorado is one of the prettiest states I've seen.
I'm gonna say it's in my top 5.
I haven't seen Montana, Oregon or Washington and I know they are amazing too.
They are on my bucket list.

I made a map of all the states I have been to.
I'm thinking a northwest road trip needs to be planned.

We do live in one beautiful country!

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