Happy Birthday Daniel

This is a exciting month in our family.

Our firstborn son was born this month.

This boy changed my world.
Sweet disposition, always cared for the 
Never gave his father or me any trouble.
Always, a good kid.

Photo taken in the mid 1980's.
Also around the last time he allowed me to take photos of him.

I grabbed this 90's photo before  
just before he could turn away.
I must confess, as annoying as it is,
he gets it honest.
I don't do cameras either.

Daniel grew into a wonderful man who loves God and his family.
How could I ask for more?

 Happy Birthday Daniel!
Now, smile and say cheeeze!

Chicken Life

People frequently ask how my chickens do during the hurricanes.
Surprisingly, they always seem to do fine.

The water has come up in their coop 
about a foot but goes down when the tide goes back out.

I see Eleanor.
She runs the show with my girls.
Bossy lil thing.

I do enjoy my chickens.
The eggs are nice but just watching their 
mannerisms and behavior is entertaining.
I would like 1 or 2 more but did you know,
Tractor Supply requires 
a minimum of 4 when you purchase them?

Right now, 
I have 3 and to add 4 would be too many for me.
I shall wait until another door opens.

Ready For Fall

Hey everyone!
Long time, no hear.
The hurricane came and let us know all about it.
We didn't get as much damage as several 
of our neighbors 
but Irma still took a toll on us.
The water came into our den which is ground level, along with the back porch and garage.
Hopefully, we'll raise the floor level one of these days.
Three steps forward, two steps back.
That seems to sum it up.

Enough with my saga.
How are you?

Ready for Fall?
I am so ready!
I can't wait for the weather to cool off. 
Long sleeve shirts make me happy.

Isn't this porch cute?!


I've been searching the web for front porch ideas.

My porch is small and I've tried a chair with plants 
but I'm never thrilled with the outcome.
I like the simplicity of this one
I found on Pinterest.

How about this idea?

I like it a lot.
Simple and pretty.

We get a lot of wind since we are on the water.
I have to consider that when decorating.

I hope you all have a great week.
I'm shopping with mom today. 

What will we find?
So many treasures to find.
She LOVES Belk, so I'm sure it will be one of our stops.
Kirklands, Hobby Lobby
 and a trip to the Bible book store 
are most likely going to happen.

I will let you know if I find anything exciting 
and how my porch ends up.

Have a happy!

Coastal Wreath

How excited was I when my sweet friend Kim snuck by my house and dropped this off.

I have been wanting a beachy wreath for my front door.

How great is the whale?
I love him!

See the sand dollars scattered around?

Kim is so talented.

Here's the problem...
I was perfectly happy with my reddish door and now,
not so much.

When I tried it on my white kitchen door,
I love it more.

See my dilemma?
Just not sure if I want the door white.
Any suggestions?

It shows up well on the red.
Maybe black.
Decisions, decisions.

Thank you Kim!
You are amazing!


Kona Skate Park is 
It is the oldest surviving skatepark in the US.
(Good to know)

AND... it's right here in Jacksonville, Florida!
If you are looking for a new adventure for your kid and live in this neck of the woods, you should check it out.

Elijah loves to skate. 
He is so smart and a good listener.
Danielle hooked him up with a 1 hour beginner lesson.
When we left that day,
he was a pro skating down this ramp.

I was proud.

The next day,
when Pops took him he was skating down "the snake."
Its a long, downhill winding trail.


I know!!

By the end of our week,
he was skating everywhere.
Truth! This kid can do anything.

There is more information on their website.

We went several days because it isn't far from our house.
We skated an hour one day and it began to rain.
I silently thanked the Lord because I was ready.
Elijah could stay all day.
They gave us a rain check to come back.

They are very helpful and clean and offer a nice concession.
I can recommend their slushies.

Hope you are having an amazing day!
Love to all!

Camp Stewart (part two)

My grandkids came and spent the week before they headed 
back to school.
I had a calendar filled with activities.

One of the highlights was going to a Kidz Bop concert.
They loved it.
Well, most of them did.
Abi and I weren't all that thrilled with the volume.

The venue is Daily's Place.
It's just outside of where the Jacksonville Jaguars play.
They offered lots of fun games and photo ops.
A spin the wheel game where 
everyone is a winner was a huge hit.
Happy kids make a happy MiMi.

Elijah designed his shirt for the night.

Another night was designated as Movie Night.
I had baskets with movie goodies for each kid.
It was a big hit.

I roped my SIL into planning one of our nights.
She is a rock star!!
We titled the event
"Mystery Night with Aunt Delores."

We went to a trampoline park in Jacksonville.
They ran and jumped and played.
It was so fun.
Thank you, thank you Auntie D!

I didn't take pics because we locked 
our cameras in the provided locker.

Outside the trampolines,
was the arcade.

I'm pretty sure Aunt Delores 
had as much fun as the kids.

Abi was really good at the dinosaur game.

Go Kacey!

During the week,
we fished, swam, did crafts, scavenger hunts,
painted nails, curled hair, & went to a skate park.
I will post about the skate park later.
It was Elijah's favorite.
You can read part 1 of our week by clicking on this link.
We also rode on a ferry, went to church, 
baked cookies and so much more.
The kids drew straws to see who's "day" it was.
If it was your "day," you got to sit up front in the vehicle and you were the one to choose dessert of the day.
It works to keep the peace.
The week flew by.
My heart was sad when it came to an end.
I am so thankful for the precious memories 
we made.  My heart is full.

Camp Stewart

 Before heading back to school,
we had our grandkids for a few days .
From the moment I found out they were coming.
I had been planning an exciting adventure.

So many plans, so little time.

I began by making lists and lists of ideas, 
places to go, food to eat 
and how to make each thing special for them.  
The challenge is the boy who a non-stop,
 always running 9 year old. 
The other extreme is a Miss Priss 
who is the baby and 5, 
who loves Barbie and snuggling.
The goal...
to make every one happy.

First and foremost,
every good party must have presents.
I filled a bag for each child.
I loved watching them dig through the bags 
about a second after they arrived.

I filled the bags with snacks, game books, toothbrushes,
and toys that I thought each of them would love.
I had Danielle cut out their monograms 
for new hair supplies.

I stocked the fridge.

I stocked the pantry.

Since I do not have enough extra rooms in the house,
I made a sleeping pallet for the girls.
I bought rectangle pool floats for mattresses.
I gathered every quilt I own to make it comfy.
It was like magic.

They all slept with me.

On day 1
we had crafts. 
We painted zombies to hang around the house.
I was thinking of the boy
when I chose zombies.
He spent more time on his skateboard.
Us girls had a good time.

We designed and painted t-shirts the next day but apparently,
I was having so much fun that I forgot to get some pictures.

We did our hair.

Sweetest thing
our Dani is.

Elijah made me a MiMi.
He has my heart.

We took the Ferry across the river for seafood.
Dani wanted fried fish.
She ordered chicken strips.
Go figure.

Kacey designed her shirt.

Mark came up with a scavenger hunt game.
He is so good at these things.
Thank you honey.
Here he is giving the instructions.

It was a close game but in the end,
Elijah was the winner.

We had several hours of fun by the pool.

I will tell you more in another blog.
It was so fun.
The key is to plan, plan, plan.
Mark always says, 
"if you fail to plan, plan to fail."

I think over planning is a good idea.

Watch for another episode of the fun we had
at Camp Stewart.

Until I see you again,
I'm going into my cocoon to recoup.

(google images)