Happy Sunday

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
We had a lovely Sunday,
beginning with church.
We go to a church called Eleven22.
We Love it!
If you live in the Jacksonville area,
I would love you to come and sit with me.

The kids came over in the afternoon for some relaxing by the river.
The girls were matching so we had to take a picture.

Oh how I love my family. 

Hope you have a great week.
I just know it's going to be a good one.

Sweet Moments

We all love Kristen's new prince.
He is the perfect fit for our family.
Like he's been here all along.
Uncle Felix brings the new 
American Girl catalog to life with Abi.

I love when she asks him questions like,
"did you put a true love potion on Aunt Kristen?"
or this one,
"Aunt Kristen, 
how did you find your prince?"

One last Abi-ism...
she asked mommy why she was sad.
Danielle told her she in fact, was not sad.
She then asked,
"well then, why aren't you singing?"

Good point.

All In The Family

We spend Christmas Eve at my parents every year.
I am thrilled that we were able to get a family photo.

I look at it and see how truly blessed 
we are to have each other.
Thank You Lord!

Christmas On The River

I love Christmas!
I love decorating and baking and shopping and giving.
This year was extra special 
because we are in our new home on the river.
The traditional tree that I've been loving all my life 
just wouldn't do.
It wouldn't look right in this house.

It took me a jiffy to know I was going with teal.
I'm very decisive,
ask anyone.

I put this tree up a few days after Thanksgiving.
I didn't want to take it down.

I grabbed my camera just before I took it down
so the presents are long gone.
In retrospect,
I wish I would have cleaned out the fireplace.
No worries,
I cropped out the soot and ashes.
That's how I love you.

I added fresh branches to the fireplace mantle.
It shedded needles everywhere but the smell was well worth it.

I found lots of wonderful ornaments at Belk.
I love Belk.

Found some more at At Home.
Have you been there?
It is my new favorite store.
Good thing it's 45 minutes down the road.

Found out recently we are getting an IKEA!

I got the sailboat soon after we moved in.
It blends in with any of my decorating.

Same with the mirror.
Found it at Kirklands.

I scattered ball ornaments everywhere.

I'm late to the game with this blog.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Kristen Joy

Wendy's World
Some facts about my girl.

She's been married for a half year already!
She lives 1068 miles from me.
She is giddy happy.
She has a great job.
She loves to cook.
(especially anything that can be placed between 2 piecrust)
She is coming to see me in two weeks.
She contacts me daily.
She loves Texas.
She loves Felix.

It does this mothers heart good 
to know her daughter is happy.
I can't think of anything better.
(except maybe if God would like to move her 1100 miles east)

I do love having a daughter. 
I know I am blessed.

Wendy Is A LuLu

Happy Sunday friends!
I haven't sat down and blogged in forever.
My life has been cray cray!
or maybe its me that's a little cray cray.
Probably the latter.

No worries...
all is well.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving.
The family came to the river 
and we spent the day being thankful.

we cooked and cooked and ate and ate.
I don't understand why we put ourselves 
through this misery but we do.
It's somewhere in the rule book.

Maybe Trump will fix it.
I think 1/2 the country thinks he is gonna fix everything.
Go Trump!

We are in full Christmas mode here in Wendy's World.
I have a few (or more) trees up.
I did a coastal tree with teal and gold.
I love it.

I recently got a new computer which is a big reason that my blogging has slowed.
I haven't figured out where to plug my camera in.
I don't like change.
I rebel.
I have every intention of taking pictures of my Christmas 
this year and sharing them with you.

Are you finished shopping yet?
Me either.

It's going to be here before you know it.

My DIL took this picture of the kids and I just love it.

Must they grow up so quickly?
I don't like it.

I hope you are having a wonderful December!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Are people happier this month?
Seems like it.
Maybe we are all a little lulu 
and it comes across as happy.
I'm good with lulu...
fits right in with my cray cray.

4-H Projects

The county fair is in town right now and 
the 4-H club the kids are involved in 
encouraged entering a project.

Each kid got to choose what they wanted to enter.
They handed in their projects this week.

Elijah chose photography.
He has a good eye for pictures.
So impressive!

Wendy's World

Kacey loves anything artsy. 
She loves to paint, color, draw, write and anything that is creative.
She chose to do a sewing project for her entry.
She sewed this adorable bag she plans to carry her 
Bible to church in.
She did it all by herself on a sewing machine.
Yeah Kacey!

Wendy's World

Wendy's World

Dani loves baking.
She decided to bake cookies for her entry.
The whole family benefited from her choice.

Wendy's World
Wendy's World

Wendy's World
Her favorite part is getting to lick the beater.
Can't blame her! 

Wendy's World

Had to add this shot of Elijah at the 
Georgia State Fair last week.
Looks like a natural.

Wendy's World

We haven't gotten the results from their entries.
It was rewarding for me to witness their excitement in creating something all by themselves.