Who Needs Disney?

Don't you just love a hardware store?!!
Me too! 

I had 3 of the munchimunchkins in Lowe's.
Do they ever outgrow the racing car shopping carts?
I hope not.

"MiMi! Are you sure these are free?"

"Look at me MiMi! Are you kidding me?
How many can I have?"

Within the last year,
I painted the kids room pink.
I wanted teal to go along with all the other teal in my house
but NO! Abi had to have pink.

 "MiMi, Pleeeeeeze let me have this color for my room!"

Educational reading materials while we wait for Pops.

I'm not kidding you.
This is late at night.
These kids were way passed their bedtimes 
and look how happy they are!

You just don't get that at Disney World!

Take my advice...
Take the kids to Lowe's.

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