Oh The Possibilities

I sit here
in the comfort of my cozy heated home
while it is stinking cold outside here in North Florida.

My husband, 
playing the piano in the background.
Oh how I love those old hymns he grew up with.

Don't get too excited but there is an outside chance 
that we have found a home to buy.
It's a "fixer-upper."
I think Joanna and Chip make it look so enticing and doable.
We are in the praying and planning and dreaming 
stage right now.

We both discussed it and decided not to tell anyone.
I'm not sure if y'all count. Ha!

I'm mostly thinking of all the blogging possibilities 
if we remodel a home.
Better Homes & Gardens will want to do a piece on me.

I will keep you posted.
No offers have been made (yet).
Not in my wildest dreams
would I think we would leave this home.
It was truly a fixer-upper.
We love this home.

You never know what the Lord has in store for you.
I am so amazed how He has truly 
blessed every aspect of my life.

Thank you Lord
for another day
of Your amazing love!
I am so blessed!

Miami In January

Hello all my beautiful friends!

I hope you are doing well.
The weather looks a bit precarious through most of the U.S.

I must admit,
I miss the beautiful snow.
I will always have warm fuzzies when I remember
 the winters I lived in Kansas & New Mexico.

In the meantime...
Mark has been given a detail which allows 
us to enjoy some glorious beach time
in Miami, Florida.

My current view.

I spend my day walking or lying by the pool.

Isn't the water beautiful?!

On a previous trip,
Dani & Abi accompanied us.

The Fontainebleau had a gorgeous glass Christmas tree.

Abi is my party.
She wanted to reenact Buddy from The Elf
by running around the revolving doors.

Never a dull moment!

Hope you are having a great week.
I plan to get down to the beach and get some rays.

Love to all!