Does The Color Orange Make You Happy?

True statement.
If the color orange makes you happy,
you may just be my relative.

I am flying to Florida sometime next month.
Can I get a "woohoo?!"
I plan to decorate Mom's house for the Fall season.
While plundering through Pinterest,
I saw some ideas that I thought 
would be good for Joy's home.

I thought I'd share them with you.

I am loving the simplicity of this centerpiece.
My husband has one request.
He wants to see the person across the table.
Sometimes he gets his wish.
This would meet his standards. 

You can make this Jack-o-lantern out of any old thing 
you have lying around.
I loved the idea of using magnets 
so after Fall 
it can return to its former beauty.

Check this pumpin cake out.
The link was to JC Penney's and led me nowhere 
but I think it's self explanatory.
Two of your favorite bundt cake recipes and some icing.
A lovely centerpiece for any party.

Who doesn't love an old bucket
filled with orange sticks and a burlap bow?
You can't go wrong.

I am loving these pillows.
Made from burlap.
They scream Joy to me.

The simplicity of using from your own yard 
is always pleasing to me.
The acorns in Kansas are so much larger 
than the ones in Florida.
(Information that you need to  know)

I leave you with this 
gorgeous wheelbarrow that I need.

I'm quite confident that Mom has one.

Just so ya know,
 I found all these amazing ideas via Pinterest.

Hope you are having an amazing day!

P.S. A Fall necessity...

P.S.S Another Fall necessity...

FALL Has Arrived!

I just can't wait any longer.
Patience is not the virtue I have.

If you know me then you are aware that I have been known to sneak under the Christmas tree and open my presents to see what is hidden behind that wrapped package.
I can't wait!
You don't have to tell me,
I already know...
it's rude!

It gets worse,
I have been known to open others gifts as well.
The suspense kills me.
Are you shocked?
Don't be, because it gets even worse!

My brother and his wife left all their wedding gifts unwrapped. They went on their honeymoon.
They left town!
What was I supposed to do?
In all fairness,
I did call them and describe in detail the vases, 
towels, kitchen appliances, etc.
I'm not proud.

With this questionable personality that I do possess,
you can see how waiting until September 22 
is just not possible.

Getting started is the hard part.
Once I started dragging the containers
 out from the basement,
I got pure happy!

I got the banner from Hobby Lobby.
Go get one because everyone needs at least one banner.

Don't ask why
I keep a basket on the hearth 
with deer antlers and skulls.
I just like it.
I added some Fall leaves and 

My mantle leaves much to be desired.
I haven't quite figured out why to do with it.
I'll give you an update if it gets better.

I strung a vine of pumpkins on the filing cabinet.

I threw some Fall leaves on my Fall tree.

I draped Fall vines over every doorway.

This pitifully over-exposed photo shows my kitchen table.
I combined sticks from my yard 
and some Fall leaves and picks that I had.

I am simmering all my cinnamon melts.
I turned the air down.
I'm sipping my pumpkin latte.

Life is good!

I'm not quite brave enough to put the Fall wreath on the front door but it's coming soon.

Happy Fall!

Soft Surroundings

I recently found my new favorite store.

First of all,
let me clarify...
I'm not a shopper.
I do not enjoy the world of retail.
I know! I'm not normal.
I'm OK with that.

when I happened along a store called Soft Surroundings,
I was smitten.
Have you heard of it?
It's new to me.

My first time in the store,
I walked out with this top.
I got it in a khaki color but I now realize 
I need the teal color as well.

I'm counting the days when I can wear it with 
some leggings and boots. 
Hurry up and get here Fall!
On the plane the other day,
the cute and young girl next to me had boots on.
I'm taking mine out of the boxes today.

This one is on sale right now and I want it.

Stunning jewelry that is unique.
Shoes, sandals and boots that I need.

Clothes are not the only option from this store.
One of a kind bedspreads like this one.

It is calling my name.

If you are tired of the same ole-same ole,
you may want to check them out.

Do you love shopping?
Am I the only woman who would rather not?
I'd rather hire someone to shop for me.

Happy Kids

Danielle surprised the kids and took them to the beach 
the other day when she had to miss work.

Don't they look like the happiest kids!

Nothing thrills me more than knowing 
these munchkins are enjoying their days.

MiMi loves you Eli, Kacey, Dani & Abi.
Now get mommy's phone and call me.


Washington DC

I hit the ground running when I landed 
in Washington DC this week.

We stayed in the JW Marriott.
It's a block from the White House.
I love being right in the middle of everything.

Are you ready for a camera dump?
Most of these pictures will be recognizable.
See if you can guess them before your read 
their identification under each photo.

Washington Monument

White House

Dad at Arlington Cemetary.

Changing of the guard
at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Mt. Vernon

White House.
I gave up on waiting for those people to move 
so I could get a better photo.

Far away shot of The Capitol Building.

Did you know them all?
Mt. Vernon may have been tricky.
I have been wanting to see the home of George Washington 
and it did not disappoint. 
He was a land surveyor and through his job, 
he obtained some gorgeous property right on the Potomac.
This 200 year old home is beautiful but I'm grateful I didn't live my life back then. No indoor plumbing...thanks but no.

It was a fun trip.
I never tire from visiting Washington, D.C.
I enjoyed my first tour of the White House.
It wasn't as big as I thought it would be.
I'm glad I did the tour but I wouldn't care to do it again.
(unless you want me to go with you)

The best part of the trip was being able to 
spend some quality time with dad.
We walked our feet off and talked forever.
Good times!

Dear Dad In DC

Hello all my sweet friends!
I hope you are having a wonderful day.

I got up early, early this morning (3 AM) to take my honey to the airport.
I was delirious tired and was thankful when I returned home and rested my head back on the pillow.

He flew to DC this morning and my dad was flying out to meet him to spend some quality time with each other. 
Actually, Mark has business there so Dad jumped on a plane
 to hang out with him during his "off" times. 
Sometimes, I think I am clear as mud 
but maybe you can figure it out.

I am meeting them in a couple days 
so I decided to get some things done around here before I left.
I mowed the yard and then burned a ton of sticks.
I don't know what the burning regulations are for this area 
so I was nervous but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.
My motto has always been, 
"it's easier to get forgiveness than permission."

All is well and I didn't have to call the fire department, thank goodness.

Back to my dear, sweet, precious Dad.
He arrives in Washington but we couldn't get a hold of him.
He turns his phone off to save on the battery.
He keeps trying to call Mark but couldn't get through.
He knew he needed to meet Mark at the JW Marriott.
I'm worried, Mark is worried.
Hours go by.
Finally! We get word he's in the hotel.
Turns out, he thought since he was in DC that he needed to use that area code to call Mark's Florida based phone.

Does that just make you happy? 
I adore my Dad and I'm thankful 
that he finally agreed to carry a cell phone.

We'll get that area code thing figured out eventually.

Here they are enjoying a Nat's ballgame.

See you two in a couple days.
Don't do everything without me.

This World Is Not My Home

Driving home from church today,
I was humming an old song that I knew from Sunday School when I was a little girl.
The words say, "this world is not my home,
I'm just-a passin' through,
My troubles are laid up
somewhere beyond the blue..."
It goes on to say, "I can't feel at home in this world anymore."
(don't make fun...
it's an "oldie but a goodie")

I told Mark that it is so true.
Not for the reason that the song indicates
but because we haven't settled anywhere.
Albuquerque for a year and now we have been in Kansas for a year.

Nothing feels like home.
Renting a house has it's pros but over-all,
it just sucks.
It's not yours.
You can't knock a wall out and make it better.
You can't paint every single wall, 
which is what I would love to do.

The good news...

It's called Grace Church.
I believe we have settled on a church to attend.
I know, I know!
It took us long enough.
We tried tons of churches and just 
never found a place to call "home."
I'm looking forward to getting involved.

Count your blessings if you attend a church that you love.
There not as easy to come by
as you would think.

Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Here, There & Everywhere

I have had the most wonderful few weeks running here and there.

My mother-in-law flew in to spend some time with us.
We are enjoying her visit.
My mother flew in and spent a few days.
We had so much fun yardsaling, shopping, 
eating out, and going to the movies.

Here they are enjoying a snack at Sam's.

I flew home with mom and was able to 
spend some time with family.
It was a whirlwind but I was able to celebrate Paula's birthday.

Happy Birthday dear friend!

We (Brenda, Kim & I) took her out to dinner and came back to her house 
for cake & presents.
Brenda, Paula, Kim and I have been friends for lots of years. 

We absolutely love being together.
This picture was taken last year in the mountains of 
North Carolina.

Thank you Lord for sweet friends.

As always, 
the week flew.
I enjoyed seeing my 
grandkids begin their school year.

I met Kristen several times for lunch, dinner, 
Farmers Market, movies 
and just walking together.
I do treasure our time.

I have been going and going this summer.
I am ready to slow down now.
Will that happen?
I doubt it.

Mark is flying to DC next week and we have been approved for a tour of the White House.
Do you want me to tell the current residents hello for you?

I will give you the whole scoop.

Have a happy!

Back To School

I always enjoy the beginning of a school year and the excitement of fresh, new school supplies.
It represents a new beginning.

3 out of 4 of my grandkids are in school.
They are growing up way to quickly!
Elijah is in the 1st grade this year.
How can it be?

Kacey started Kindergarten.
She is loving it so far.

Dani has begun Pre-K.

She did fine on her first day.
Me... not so much.

New backpacks made the day more special.

The trip back to the almost empty house was so sad.
Abi is only 2 and doesn't get to go to school yet.

The conversation went something like this...
(Abi)"where is Dani Mae?"
(me) "she's at school."
(Abi)"where is Dani Mae?"
(me)"she's at school, we'll go get her in a little while."
(Abi)"where is Dani Mae?"
(me)"Abi, she had to go to school."
(Abi, a little more frantically)
"but MiMi, she's my sister,
MiMi, she's my friend."

I love the bond these sisters share.

We went home and distracted our minds.

Look at the skill she has with scissors.

In other news,
I think I noticed the leaves in my trees 
trying to change colors.
Are you as ready for Fall
as I am?

Is it too early to start decorating?
I think not.
I've never been one to follow rules.

Hope you are having a great week!