FALL Has Arrived!

I just can't wait any longer.
Patience is not the virtue I have.

If you know me then you are aware that I have been known to sneak under the Christmas tree and open my presents to see what is hidden behind that wrapped package.
I can't wait!
You don't have to tell me,
I already know...
it's rude!

It gets worse,
I have been known to open others gifts as well.
The suspense kills me.
Are you shocked?
Don't be, because it gets even worse!

My brother and his wife left all their wedding gifts unwrapped. They went on their honeymoon.
They left town!
What was I supposed to do?
In all fairness,
I did call them and describe in detail the vases, 
towels, kitchen appliances, etc.
I'm not proud.

With this questionable personality that I do possess,
you can see how waiting until September 22 
is just not possible.

Getting started is the hard part.
Once I started dragging the containers
 out from the basement,
I got pure happy!

I got the banner from Hobby Lobby.
Go get one because everyone needs at least one banner.

Don't ask why
I keep a basket on the hearth 
with deer antlers and skulls.
I just like it.
I added some Fall leaves and 

My mantle leaves much to be desired.
I haven't quite figured out why to do with it.
I'll give you an update if it gets better.

I strung a vine of pumpkins on the filing cabinet.

I threw some Fall leaves on my Fall tree.

I draped Fall vines over every doorway.

This pitifully over-exposed photo shows my kitchen table.
I combined sticks from my yard 
and some Fall leaves and picks that I had.

I am simmering all my cinnamon melts.
I turned the air down.
I'm sipping my pumpkin latte.

Life is good!

I'm not quite brave enough to put the Fall wreath on the front door but it's coming soon.

Happy Fall!


  1. I've been reading fb posts about how everyone is eagerly awaiting fall's arrival and I was under-whelmed because I rather like the summer, but then I stumble on your post. All your fun decorating ideas jarred my brain into action so now I'm gonna have to start digging in the attic. Thanks for the inspiration. Glad I stumble across your blog on Find Your Voice Friday.


  2. Girl, look at you! I love your fall decor! I've got one area done and it's full of deer antlers... I haven't posted it yet, maybe next week... I'm trying to not to buy anything for fall decor, just using what I have. I might buy a few gourds and a pumpkin of course but that's about it.