Soft Surroundings

I recently found my new favorite store.

First of all,
let me clarify...
I'm not a shopper.
I do not enjoy the world of retail.
I know! I'm not normal.
I'm OK with that.

when I happened along a store called Soft Surroundings,
I was smitten.
Have you heard of it?
It's new to me.

My first time in the store,
I walked out with this top.
I got it in a khaki color but I now realize 
I need the teal color as well.

I'm counting the days when I can wear it with 
some leggings and boots. 
Hurry up and get here Fall!
On the plane the other day,
the cute and young girl next to me had boots on.
I'm taking mine out of the boxes today.

This one is on sale right now and I want it.

Stunning jewelry that is unique.
Shoes, sandals and boots that I need.

Clothes are not the only option from this store.
One of a kind bedspreads like this one.

It is calling my name.

If you are tired of the same ole-same ole,
you may want to check them out.

Do you love shopping?
Am I the only woman who would rather not?
I'd rather hire someone to shop for me.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a hard core thrift store shopper when it comes to needing odds and ends...And Walmart...ugh which I wish I didn't have to do! I like shopping at Aldi but I still have to pick up some stuff at Walmart. I will shop clearance at the mall if I need something for a special occasion which is not often.