Here, There & Everywhere

I have had the most wonderful few weeks running here and there.

My mother-in-law flew in to spend some time with us.
We are enjoying her visit.
My mother flew in and spent a few days.
We had so much fun yardsaling, shopping, 
eating out, and going to the movies.

Here they are enjoying a snack at Sam's.

I flew home with mom and was able to 
spend some time with family.
It was a whirlwind but I was able to celebrate Paula's birthday.

Happy Birthday dear friend!

We (Brenda, Kim & I) took her out to dinner and came back to her house 
for cake & presents.
Brenda, Paula, Kim and I have been friends for lots of years. 

We absolutely love being together.
This picture was taken last year in the mountains of 
North Carolina.

Thank you Lord for sweet friends.

As always, 
the week flew.
I enjoyed seeing my 
grandkids begin their school year.

I met Kristen several times for lunch, dinner, 
Farmers Market, movies 
and just walking together.
I do treasure our time.

I have been going and going this summer.
I am ready to slow down now.
Will that happen?
I doubt it.

Mark is flying to DC next week and we have been approved for a tour of the White House.
Do you want me to tell the current residents hello for you?

I will give you the whole scoop.

Have a happy!

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