Does The Color Orange Make You Happy?

True statement.
If the color orange makes you happy,
you may just be my relative.

I am flying to Florida sometime next month.
Can I get a "woohoo?!"
I plan to decorate Mom's house for the Fall season.
While plundering through Pinterest,
I saw some ideas that I thought 
would be good for Joy's home.

I thought I'd share them with you.

I am loving the simplicity of this centerpiece.
My husband has one request.
He wants to see the person across the table.
Sometimes he gets his wish.
This would meet his standards. 

You can make this Jack-o-lantern out of any old thing 
you have lying around.
I loved the idea of using magnets 
so after Fall 
it can return to its former beauty.

Check this pumpin cake out.
The link was to JC Penney's and led me nowhere 
but I think it's self explanatory.
Two of your favorite bundt cake recipes and some icing.
A lovely centerpiece for any party.

Who doesn't love an old bucket
filled with orange sticks and a burlap bow?
You can't go wrong.

I am loving these pillows.
Made from burlap.
They scream Joy to me.

The simplicity of using from your own yard 
is always pleasing to me.
The acorns in Kansas are so much larger 
than the ones in Florida.
(Information that you need to  know)

I leave you with this 
gorgeous wheelbarrow that I need.

I'm quite confident that Mom has one.

Just so ya know,
 I found all these amazing ideas via Pinterest.

Hope you are having an amazing day!

P.S. A Fall necessity...

P.S.S Another Fall necessity...

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  1. Wendy! You picked out the perfect photos! I love every single one. I really love the centerpiece. I like that it's narrow and I bought something at the thrift store a while back that would work perfect for this.. actually I bought 2. They used to hang on the wall with UGLY flowers inside but they would work perfect on the dining room table... I'll let you know when I make it :)