Back To School

I always enjoy the beginning of a school year and the excitement of fresh, new school supplies.
It represents a new beginning.

3 out of 4 of my grandkids are in school.
They are growing up way to quickly!
Elijah is in the 1st grade this year.
How can it be?

Kacey started Kindergarten.
She is loving it so far.

Dani has begun Pre-K.

She did fine on her first day.
Me... not so much.

New backpacks made the day more special.

The trip back to the almost empty house was so sad.
Abi is only 2 and doesn't get to go to school yet.

The conversation went something like this...
(Abi)"where is Dani Mae?"
(me) "she's at school."
(Abi)"where is Dani Mae?"
(me)"she's at school, we'll go get her in a little while."
(Abi)"where is Dani Mae?"
(me)"Abi, she had to go to school."
(Abi, a little more frantically)
"but MiMi, she's my sister,
MiMi, she's my friend."

I love the bond these sisters share.

We went home and distracted our minds.

Look at the skill she has with scissors.

In other news,
I think I noticed the leaves in my trees 
trying to change colors.
Are you as ready for Fall
as I am?

Is it too early to start decorating?
I think not.
I've never been one to follow rules.

Hope you are having a great week!

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