Graduation Day For Dani Mae

As I was plundering through some pictures tonight,

I realize I hadn't documented Dani's end-of-the-year 

school party and program.

Dani went to Pre-K this year.

She went to a Christian school in our small town.

I can't begin to tell you how thrilled we were with this school.

She blossomed from day 1.

One day I picked her up and she had a reward in her backpack.

I asked her what she received it for and she said 

(with her southern twang), "I edified." 

I was like, "what?"  What 4 year old says "edify?"

I asked her what that meant and she went on to tell me that she 

encouraged another kid in her class.

I was impressed with the many truths she learned all year.

She quoted scripture like Beth Moore.

Her prayers blew me away.

The essentials like coloring in the lines and writing 

were impressive.

I can't say enough about the benefit she got from this little school.

I was home at the end of the year and was permitted 

to attend her party.

Here she is with her teacher. 

She just loved her teacher and her teacher loved her.

The school had a huge program that evening.

Dani and her friend represented the fashion world.

I was so proud of her for walking out on the stage in front of 

hundreds of people.

I am so thankful for Sonshine

and a sweet teacher who helped make Dani's first experience 

in school one that she will always remember positively.

The picture below is Dani on her first day of school.

A year later...

Good job Dani.
Bring on kindergarten!

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