My Heart Is Home

How many vehicles does it take to carry all my belongings?
Two U-Haul trucks, 1 U-Haul trailer and a Toyota truck.

We (Mark, Daniel, Josh, my dad and myself)
pulled out Saturday morning. 
It was bittersweet but mostly sweet.

We had 1 tire blow out about 6 hours into the trip.
It was fixed relatively quick.

I can't describe my joy as we pulled into our home in Florida.
After 3 years of being gone,
it was pure joy that flooded my soul.

Danielle was in the house with the kids.
I had no idea they were hiding around the corner.

Balloons, banners and dinner all ready for our homecoming.
Mom was here with her famous spaghetti and it did not disappoint.

Delores and Marks dad came for our arrival.

Neighbors and friends stopped by with cookies, goodies and well wishes.

Blessed is all I can say. I am truly blessed.

I laid in bed that first night and just thanked the Lord.

Three days later, I'm still unpacking boxes. 
The ole gray mare ain't what she used to be. 
It seems to take so much longer than it should.
Either that or I just own WAY too much stuff.
I'm trying to downsize.
Say a prayer for me. I really want to be more frugal.
I was thinking about it today as Mark 
and I were plundering through Lowe's.
I love Lowe's.
Everything is so pretty.
I'm like Eve in the garden of Eden. 
They know how to hang those pretty "apples" everywhere 
and I want them, all of them. 
Pretty pillows for the lawn chairs, 
lovely candles for the bugs, new paint.....
etc. You know what I mean. 
I think shopping takes real restraint.

Anyways, it is wonderful to be home. 
I'm a little delirious from all the packing and unpacking but it'll get there eventually. 
I hope.

I will fill you in more later.
Wait till you hear about the couch God gave me.
He loves me.

There's no place like home.

Hope you are having an amazingly wonderful day!

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  1. Hello, my friend. My goodness, it's been a little while since I visited you. Congrats on moving into a new house. You must have a whole lot of stuff to need that many trucks to carry it all... lol. We may be moving at the end of the year and I'm not looking forward to it. Anyway, take your time with getting unpacked and blessings to you... :)