I Want Ballgame

Happy Friday everyone!!
I don't want to be repetitive but man the weeks fly by.

Not much going on in my world,
which explains my lack of internet presence.

Mark, Josh and I drove to Omaha last week to attend 
The College World Series.

The Gators were playing so we had to represent.
Our seats were perfect.
Just behind Florida's dugout.

It was a great game.
Florida couldn't quite pull it off.
Maybe next year!

I've been packing.
Mark says it's too early to pack but once I know we are moving,
my brain jumps into gear.
I'm so done with Kansas.

Thanksgiving can't arrive quick enough.

I've really enjoyed my Bible journaling. 

I'm no artist.
I'm not a perfectionist.
It's just nice to have a creative outlet
 and focus on the truth's in God's word.

Mark has been in DC all week.
Did he go to a Braves/Nats game?
The man is a big kid.
The Braves catcher threw him a ball.
You'da thought it was money.
Did I say big kid?

When Daniel was young,
before he could walk,
he would crawl to the TV and say "I want ballgame."
Everyday, all day long.
That was before VHS and DVR.
That was before ESPN.

They grow up and nothing changes.
They just want ballgame.

I pray you are having a wonderful week.
Love to all.


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