Birthday & Baptism

How is it possible that
Elijah turned 7 last month.

About a year ago,
Elijah asked Jesus into his heart.
Elijah is a thinker.
He did not make this decision on a whim.
He did it in his own time.
I was driving along one day and he told me
that he had made this decision.

About a year later,
he decided it was time to be baptized.

Celebrating his birthday was wonderful.
Celebrating the work of Christ in his little life
thrills my soul.

It was the sweetest day.
I cried and celebrated the whole day.

Lots of family gathered to celebrate following the service.

 My hubby, son and sweet dad.

Kristen flew in from San Antonio. 
It was wonderful to see my girl!


Eli showing Uncle Jeffrey and Pops one of his presents.

My parents.

Precious moments with family.

Margie is trying out one of Eli's new toys.

 Dani and Abi practice "trick-riding" on anything they can find.
No barstool, sofa arm, counter top is too big of a challenge for these girls.

They do keep things exciting.

Here is the video of his baptism.

If you have been baptized, 
you may have been given a few rules to follow.
The pastor told Eli to bend his knees.
Eli started bending his knees before he entered the pool.
He later told me after a few minutes he realized
the pastor meant,
when he is being dunked.
His nerves and great sense of humor got him tickled
as he thought about himself walking with his knees bent.
I adore this boy.
I know God has big plans for his life. 

It was a perfect day.
My heart is full.

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