Horsin Around

While in Florida, I was able to attend one of the horse shows.
My favorite thing about going to the horse shows
is the time between all the races 
where family and friends spend time together.

Everyone brings their campers and it provides
a kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning,
TV and even a bed if you need a nap.

The horse racing community is like a big family
who secretly wants to beat you in the next race.

The picture below represents the time between races.

Danielle is holding her down for a photo op.
Dani is just exactly like her father.
I never could get a good picture of Daniel.
He hid when I pulled out the camera,
which wasn't often back in the day of film development.

Abigail has recently started riding without a guide.
She just wants to go fast.
She kicks and 
her old horse pretty much knows where to go.

Dani has really advanced this year in her riding.

Go Kacey!

Elijah & Kacey are about equal.
They are both doing great and very competitive.
Both have earned spots in this years State Competition.
I'm so impressed.

Taking a break in the cafeteria.

Then there's Danielle.
She also is going to State this year.
Talk about impressive!

Isn't it amazing that you can cause a huge beast to go where you want just because of a little bit in his mouth?

Reminds me of that verse in James...
we can make a large horse go wherever we want by means of a small bit in its mouth...

In the same way, the little tiny tongue is small and can make grand speeches
or cause great trouble.

I don't know why the Lord wants to remind me of these truths while I'm writing a simple little blog about a horse show.

He loves me.

Hope you are having a marvelous week!

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