Happy Moments

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
I hope you are having a great week.

I uploaded my phone pictures 
and thought I'd share a few with you.

Back and forth on the glider,
Kacey is my monkey.

Elijah picked out his bike for his birthday.

Abi didn't want to wear what mommy left out.
I must admit,
her choice was much more fun.

Another tooth gone.

Birthday fun with Mark's sweet mom.

Hannah came to town!
I met Hannah many years ago 
when she came as an exchange student.

She recently got her citizenship as an American.
Yay Hannah! I am so proud of you.

Here's Danielle and Kristen with Hannah and her mom.

That's it.
My phone is empty.

I really do hope you are having a great day!

(Found this on google images and thought it was cute.)

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