Kona Skate Park is 
It is the oldest surviving skatepark in the US.
(Good to know)

AND... it's right here in Jacksonville, Florida!
If you are looking for a new adventure for your kid and live in this neck of the woods, you should check it out.

Elijah loves to skate. 
He is so smart and a good listener.
Danielle hooked him up with a 1 hour beginner lesson.
When we left that day,
he was a pro skating down this ramp.

I was proud.

The next day,
when Pops took him he was skating down "the snake."
Its a long, downhill winding trail.

I know!!

By the end of our week,
he was skating everywhere.
Truth! This kid can do anything.

There is more information on their website.

We went several days because it isn't far from our house.
We skated an hour one day and it began to rain.
I silently thanked the Lord because I was ready.
Elijah could stay all day.
They gave us a rain check to come back.

They are very helpful and clean and offer a nice concession.
I can recommend their slushies.

Hope you are having an amazing day!
Love to all!

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