Kacey Turns 9

Happy Birthday to our sweet Kacey!

How is it possible? 

As I was scrolling through my thousands of photos of just Kacey,
I cried to see how grown up she is.
I kept choosing pictures for this story 
and realized I can't use them all. 

I wish you could see them all.
Kacey is the best smiler ever.
Is that a word?
Well she is always good for a photo.
Beautiful smile.

Look at this sweet child.
I miss that sweet little baby girl.

This pic was Adoption Day.
More tears.

Brotherly/sisterly love.
(Most of the time)

 Had to include this one 
because I'm pretty sure that's my kisses 
on her cheek.
I have to steel them from her now.



I love my sweet girl!
She loves to bake and cook.
She is creative and loves crafts.
Any crafts!
She loves to ride horses.
She is athletic and competitive.
She loves makeup and jewelry.
She is a hard worker. 
If you need a cleanup,
she is amazing.

Now that I think about it,
we have a lot in common.
(Minus the horse riding)

Happy Birthday Sweet Kacey!
I am so thankful for you!

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