My American Girls

When the family was in town a few weeks ago,
we had to go to the AG store and get the girls dolls hair done.
We just had to!

Kacey is happy with how her doll, 
Callen Brooklyn Sue's hair turned out.

Kacey & Abi watching their dolls get pampered.

Abi signing her name to pick her doll up.
How sweet is that?!
She chose pig-tails for her doll:)

Here is Dani's signature.

She was looking forward to get Caroline's ears pierced.
She is listening intently to the instructions following the procedure.
Wait 24 hours before changing out the earrings.

Kacey's turn to sign.

Making precious memories...

Throughout the week,
we stopped and played at several parks.
Kansas has the best neighborhood parks.
I am impressed with the quantity and the quality of parks.

Wish I would have taken more pictures from all the parks
because it really is amazing.

It was a wonderful week! 
I know I am blessed when my kids 
are willing to drive 17 hours 
to spend their Spring Break with me.
I am very thankful.

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