Most Valuable Player

Mark is on two softball teams.
He is the youngest one on both teams.
It is hard not to laugh.

I do love this man.

They have a cage in front of the pitcher so he doesn't get line-drived in the head.
Let's face it, our response timing ain't what it used to be.

He is the best one on the team.
Just to let you have a clear picture,
other players sometimes ask him to be their pitch-runner.

I try not to laugh.
OK, that's not true.

I sit next to the cage and watch these old guys
use profanity when they strike out. 
(not Mark, he never strikes out because he is amazing)

It just cracks me up. 
How do you strike out in softball?

In all fairness,
I am sitting in my zero-gravity chair with my blanket 
& a thermos of coffee.
It's easy to laugh behind the fence.

I tell myself I go to his games to be a supportive wife.
Truth is...
I enjoy a good laugh.

I do love you Mark.
You definitely are the MVP!

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