Bible Journaling

I don't know where I first saw Bible journaling but it grabbed my heart right off the bat.
I love, love, love  God's word.
I love doodling.
I love combining the two and that's exactly what this is.

If you have a creative bone in you,
and we all do,
I think you would love it.

At first, I started in a notebook because I wasn't sure 
which Bible to get.
There are lots of journaling Bibles on the market.
When I found this one at our local Bible Book Store,
I knew it was the one.

It is an ESV Journaling Bible.
The pages aren't quite as thin as some.
Notice the wide margins.

I love how it makes me focus on different truth's in God's word.

See the date above?
June 11, 1971
That's the day I gave my heart to Jesus.
I was young but I knew I was committing 
to live my life for Christ.

There are some excellent artists who have taken this to a level 
I could only dream of but I enjoy not having to be perfect. 
It's a form of worship for me.
I love spending time focussed on scripture 
and seeking the Lord.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


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