Thoughts Roaming Around In My Head

My brain is in a fog.
Could be the Diet Coke.

Possibly the un-ending hours of sitting in front of a sewing machine.

I think my progressive eye glasses make my head fuzzy.

Mark is at Fenway Park.

He is working in Boston for a couple days, so of course, 
Fenway was on his bucket list.
He is a happy man tonight.

Josh and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Chapala's. 


Josh had a doctor appointment today.
The doctor is recommending surgery.
I'm just ready for him to be out of pain.

fluttering in my thoughts.

I just love all things Royal.


Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
A life of never wanting for anything.
What is that like?

Is Kate Middleton perfect?
I saw a painting of her with donkey and a halo.
Odd what people come up with.
I don't mean sinless perfect,
I mean she has her act together.
I think I'll have a baby in a couple hours kinda perfect.

You see how my brain in jumping around?
Feels like PacMan in my head.
I miss Atari. 
Was so much simpler that Wii.

Not much excitement in Olathe.
Got a good hail storm last night.
Smushed my gorgeous spinach 
growing in my garden.
It was cool though.

I'm so ready for the weekend!
Mom and I are celebrating the fact that she truly is 
The Best Mom In The World 
on Daytona Beach.
This girl needs some serious sunshine!

I will be there soon Momma!
Bring me a cold Diet Coke.

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