When Life Doesn't Make Sense

I am loving my new church.
Pastor introduced a man from Iraq this morning.
I would love you to hear his testimony.

Most of us remember exactly where we were 
when the Twin Towers fell to the ground.
It didn't seem real until a few months later 
as I walked through the remains of steel and debris.
The handwritten notes and scribbles on the fencing 
that provided a barrier 
as the workers sifted through the damage.
I remember seeing "RIP Uncle Pete."

Seeing stories in the news of survivors 
who were burnt from head to toe
and broken hearted families who had lost 
their loved ones.

It was horrific and just didn't make sense.

Fast forward to this morning...
this young man 
who has religiously read through the Koran.
He followed all the rules.
He prayed 5 times a day for years as he was growing up.
He felt empty.

You guessed it.
He spoke in church about how he gave his life to Christ a little over a year ago.

I laughed as he described a Christian man in the US military 
who was a good and happy and moral and honest and kind.

It annoyed these Muslims that a Christian, 
who they had been taught to hate,
was such a good person.
At the same time,
he could see this man was happy and he was intrigued. 

He knew becoming a follower of Christ could get him killed.

I don't know if the video podcast will be posted because of the risk for his family who still live there.
I would love you to see it because he tells the story better than I.

As I was driving home,
I considered that horrific day back in 2001.
Those Muslims who attacked America 
because they hate Christians,
opened the door for Christianity 
to spread through their country.
That is so great!

Another example of trusting God when life doesn't make sense.
He knows what He is doing.

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