Walking Through The Neighborhood

 Where did that weekend go?

I hope you had a wonderful one.
All my teams lost.
(There, there now)

I went for a walk on Saturday.
I just kept walking and walking.
The homes in our area are gorgeous
so I thought I'd share some pictures
of my faves. 

My iPhone doesn't do any justice 
but you will get the basic idea.

Landscaping is where my heart is. 
I love a groomed yard.
I have reached the stage of life 
where I'd rather higher a landscaper.

Not sure if you can see the apples in the tree.
It was covered a few weeks ago.

When I first got married many, many moons ago,
I wanted a brick house.
Our first home was brick so...
been there, done that.

This one is pretty with a mixture of textures.

This one is my favorite.
You can't see the huge front porch trimmed in white.
How about those stained garage doors.
Did you count them?
Yes! 4 garage doors.
I should have taken a better picture
but when you are out walking,
you don't want people to think 
you are stalking the neighborhood.

What is your favorite style of home?
I can adapt wherever I live 
believe Kansas has the 
most gorgeous homes.

I just kept walking and walking and before I knew it,
I had walked 2 hours.
I did stop at a garage sale.
No mun, no fun.

I took this picture for Mom.
I was thinking this would be nice 
around her tree.

She recently picked up a cart 
just like that from a garage sale.

My walk ended up with my honey
tracking me down and giving me a ride.

Thank goodness!

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