Baby Blue Eyes

Like all grandma's,
I have a gazillion pictures stored on my computer.
As I am in Kansas and today is Dani's birthday (sniff, sniff),
I was scrolling through her photos.
I decided to share a few of my favorites.
Of course,
if you would like to see more...
all you have to do is ask:)

Is there anything cuter than babies on the beach?
Feeling that sand and water in their toes.
Running freely.

Dani has the sweetest personality.
She takes after her MiMi.

She will always be a princess. 

Messy hair.

Face painted at Disney World.
Can you find the unicorn on the right side of the picture?

Daniel took this picture at a horse show one day.
I love that she posed for him.

You are my sweet girl and I love you.

Here's a "through the years" collection 
that Danielle put together.

Happy Birthday my 5 year old.

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