Fall At Mom's

Hey Everybody!
Are you enjoying this Fall cool-down?
It seems like everyone is in a better mood.

When I was in Florida
I did some Fall decorating in mom's house.
She has the best house to decorate.
She has a massive corner that 
used to have a wood burning stove.
My parents got rid of it and are left with a 
stone covered corner and mantle.

It's a challenge to decorate through the year but it provides 
a show stopping area for decorating during the holidays.

Would you believe I was on the plane home 
when I realized I neglected to take any pictures.

My favorite sister-in-law was gracious enough to snap a few 
with her cell & forward them to me.

The corner doesn't look big in this shot but it takes up a whole corner of the living room.

We hung some faux Fall flower baskets 
on the porch to add color. 
Her house sits way off the road &
these showed up from a distance. 

We did an arrangement in the cart that we 
recently found at a garage sale.

We added some happiness in her kitchen window box.

This happy guy has been around for a few years.
He is perfect next to the pot of mums.

I hope you are enjoying the Fall.
It will be over before you know it.

Mark is already asking me what our plans are for his staff Christmas party which is hosted by yours truly.
Oy vey.

One exciting bit of info that I haven't shared with y'all...
I had been wanting a purse.
Not just any purse but this one...

I don't mind a knock-off
& I was planning on hopping over to China Town 
on my next trip to New York.

Would you believe 
my sister-in-law found one while we were at a yard sale?
We are walking around shopping
& I spotted it on her arm.

MY purse!
Not a scratch on it.
She let me have it.
Now you know why she is my fave.

I got it for $4.
4 Bucks.

Does God love me,
or what?!!

I hope you are having a wonderful week.
I adore you all.

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