My Baby Is Moving

Kristen was offered an amazing job opportunity.
Our daughter is moving to San Antonio.
Do we know anyone in San Antonio? No!
We now have a new place to explore.
We are excited for her and this new adventure.

The company flew her out for a final interview.
She spent some time touring the city 
and looking at the living options.
Here are a few pics she sent me.

She is hoping to find a place by the river.
The next few weeks are going to be super busy and fun and exciting and nerve racking.
How many hours does it take to drive a Penske truck from Florida to San Antonio?

Mark & Kristen hopped down to Universal Studios this past weekend.
I'm thankful that they can share their love for roller-coasters and Harry Potter with each other.

They paused to take a selfie and text it to me.
Thanks you two!

Do you realize that this is the 3rd year in row that a major move is happening in my famila?
I'm working on my español for Texas.
One more thing,
when I say "Texás"...
I'm hearing the beauty queen in Miss Congeniality.
Oh I love that movie.
I'm going to watch it.

Hope you are having a great day. 
Go and love someone!
A friend of mine was killed in a car crash yesterday.
It reminds me of how precious each day is.
Love to all.

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