Dani Is Having A Birthday

Dani Mae is turning 5!
She requested a butterfly/pool party.

Can you guess what her birthday present wish is?
I'll let you think about it.

Sweet girls.
Kacey, Dani & Bella
are enjoying being princesses.

Here's the gang.
I'm going to take this picture in 10 years because 
I know they will be life-long friends. 

This princess was happily floating around the pool.
It was close to 100 degrees in Florida. Whew!

Silly string is always a good idea.
Have you come up with any guesses yet?
You know,
if at all possible
you want to give them what they ask for.

Her one wish...
the only thing she wants...

You got it!
A unicorn!

She couldn't have been more pleased.

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