Chicken Love

Hey everyone! Don't you just love October?!!
I already feel better. It's still in the high 80's here in Florida.
Rain and mosquitos galore but let's don't be negative.
There is a hurricane on the outskirts of the Atlantic 
so we may have to enjoy a little more rain.

I keep reminding myself that just a few short months ago,
while I was still in Kansas,
I longed for rain.
It's all relative.

Ask me if I got chickens when I moved home.
Go ahead!

I had been planning on it for awhile.
I thought I would start with biddies but after some research,
I chose to get them a few weeks older.

Ask me if I love them.
It's therapeutic.
I sit out back in the evenings, coated in mosquito repellent,
and watch the girls run around the yard.

The photo below is when we first got them.
Each grandkid picked out their chicken 
and gave them names.
Kacey named hers Cookie.

After changing names several times,
Abi settled with naming hers
Tucker because she says,
"you tucker under your arm."

Dani named hers Cinderella.

Elijah got a Rhode Island Red and appropriately named her Red.

This sweet Austrolorp chicken below is mine.
I named her Gracie.

 I love her.
She is fretful and never leaves the coop area 
when I let them out for a few hours in the evenings.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the window yesterday.
She is sitting on the stoop just a crowing.
She is a He!

The lady I purchased them from bragged that she was good at telling which sex they were.
Oh well,
I already love her him.
If any of the others are male,
I'm going to have to swap out.

The girls chose Orpington chickens.
There are so many options and decisions.
I need more land.
They really are fun and I can't wait until the eggs start coming.

Hope you are having a great day!

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