Ironing In New Jersey

Mark is working in NJ for a couple weeks. 
I came with him
 so I could keep his shirts ironed.
I need to be needed.

We are staying at the Marriott Fairway Villa in Absecon.
The resort is magnifiqué! 
For some reason, it is so nice 
that it pulls the Italian out of me.

I'm not a golfer.
I like golf carts. Does that count?
This place is a little too hoity-toity 
to allow me to rent a cart.
I did try.

I retrieved the photo below off their website. It's more up to date today but if I took a picture of our room, you might think I am a slob and I wouldn't want that.

The only difference in the kitchen is they changed the appliances to stainless.

This is the view just out our door.
It looks better in person.

I have walked to the Starbucks each morning. 
It's about 3 miles down the road.
I so enjoy walking to Starbucks.

The weather?
Glorious! Upper 60's.
Sweats baby!

All of a sudden,
my computer doesn't want to indent properly.
I could fight it but what they hay?

Hope you are having a glorious day!
Love to all!

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