Black Mountain Getaway

A couple weeks ago,
Mark needed to do a few repairs at our cabin in Black Mountain
so Abi & I volunteered to tag-along.

Abi made the trip a ball.
She is not your average 3 year old.
Party waiting to happen!
She is a delight to travel with.
Yes, I do sound like a MiMi.
The picture below is the view from our porch.
It was hazy so you can't see the mountains way out there
but you can see a little color was starting to show.

I forgot to bring my camera
so iPhone pics will have to do.

Abi posed for me at my beckoning requests.

 And there were more than a few.

 It is always so beautiful in North Carolina but especially during this time of year.
We did a little shopping and a little hiking 

but mostly just enjoyed being lazy at the cabin.

It was a quick weekend get-away
but I will take what I can get.

I hope you are having a beautiful day!


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