Cranberry Festival

You heard me right. Cranberry Festival!

Who knew!?
We just don't have those in Florida.

When the sweet lady from the bagel shop recommended it,
I knew it was something I needed to attend.

Only because of the Ocean Spray commercial
did I know water was involved when harvesting cranberries.

Mark and I headed to Chatsworth, NJ.
We drove and drove and drove some more.

It was cool to see all the cranberry farms.

We finally arrived.
It was huge.
It's the 3rd largest cranberry festival in the US.
Thousands of people.
We learned a lot about harvesting & the use of cranberries.
It made me want to use them more often than just with my Thanksgiving turkey dinner. 

We were told that once the festival ended,
the town would be empty till next year.

We walked around for a few hours.
We sampled cranberries in everything.
Have you considered cranberry chili?
It's not bad.
How about chili hot sauce.
I'm a fan.

The weather was perfect.
I bought some treasures. 
It was a fun event.
Made for a lovely day.

We ended the day in a sports grill which we searched 
high and low for 
so we Mark could watch football.

Dolphins won (finally).
Jaguars lost (again).

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