The Busiest Time Of The Year

My dear Mother has her Christmas presents wrapped.
Yes, you heard me right.
She is always ahead of the game.

You can learn a lot from my Mom.
I'm not totally sure of the month,
but Mom had her Christmas cards 
signed, sealed and addressed in the summer.

Why wait? 
I'm planning on running to the Bible book store today 
and get started on my cards.
I have the privilege (ha) of hosting 
Mark's work Christmas party again this year.
I love parties and I love, love hosting them.
I could use some ideas of what to do this year.

Last year, we had just moved to Kansas.
I knew not a soul.
I made my famous lasagna, which was a hit.
I planned a contest of decorating gingerbread houses. 
It was guys against girls.
It flopped because the icing wouldn't harden 
& the dang houses wouldn't stand up.
Everyone was polite about it but basically it was a flop.

It is funny to see men be crafty and competitive.
The guys won because theirs stood up.

This year, 
I know not a soul.
I sound pathetic.
Oh well, that's just the way it is folks.

I would love some suggestions of what to do.

It's the menu and the "what to do to fill the time" 
that I'm struggling with.
The men all know each other because they work together.
I want the women to enjoy themselves, 
since they are sorta obligated to support their spouses.
Maybe they don't feel that way but I would if I were them.

Moms birthday is November 3rd.
Do you know how we spend the day?
We decorate the whole house for Christmas.

The beauty of it is that during December,
Mom has little stress and plenty of time to look fabulous 
for all those parties.

OK, friends...
please send me some ideas.

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