Halloween Craft

I'm always keeping an eye out for a new craft to do.
When I saw this cute shirt on Pinterest,
I knew I needed to make one for Abi.

I have plenty of felt left over from my last project.
I ironed it on with Wonder-Under.
I stitched around each piece.
I added buttons for the eyes.
I then embellished the shoulder with a detachable bow.
I did wash the new shirt before beginning the project
because it will shrink and distort your work if you don't.

I was thrilled to be able to find flip-flops at Hobby Lobby.
Not an easy find in Kansas during this time of year
but since Abi lives in Florida,
I was thinking she may still be able to wear them
as she walks next door to her other favorite grandmother.

I love a craft that cost $1.29.
I found lots of options when I googled it 
so guess what my grandkids are going to be inundated with!

Here she is wearing her shirt.
Cutie pie!

Here's a group shot.
We are ready for Halloween.

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  1. Oh adorable those g children you have. Oh so sweet the outfits and big brother is it?