My Dreams Came True

I couldn't wait to be a mommy.
I wanted a baby about 2 seconds after I got married.

His name was chosen when I was around 13 years old.
I prayed for a boy.
Someone to be strong.
To protect his siblings.

He surpassed all my dreams.
His tender heart
combined with his physical strength
always protected the underdogs.
From the playground to his brother and sister and even his mother...
we know we can count on him.
He is there for us.

Thirty+ years later and he's stepping up to the 
plate of parenting a family of 6!
I am beyond proud of this man,
although, he will always be my boy in my mind.

I drempt of having a boy 
but had not a clue of what a gift I was receiving.
What an honor to be his mom.

Happy Birthday Week Son!

You are above & beyond
all my dreams.

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