Fun With Family

I was driving around last week doing my usual errands.
You know...
Target, groceries, post office, yada yada.
I knew the next day was my firstborns birthday 
and knew that I hadn't missed but 1 birthday 
in his life because he was in Argentina, 
something came over me.
I drove home, threw together dinner for M & J,
 packed my luggage and before I knew it, 
I was on a plane to Florida.
Turned out to be a great decision.

The celebration began with his favorite lunch spot, 
 Firehouse Subs.

Later that evening, we continued the party at Longhorne's.

See the man in the photo behind me?
Funny story!

Here's a better shot. 

Guess who the kids thought he was.
They thought he was stopping in to see if they were being naughty or nice.

I finally turned around and explained to him 
why the kids were so excited.
Apparently, he gets this kind of interaction often.

With Abi on my lap,
I said, "do you want to tell him you've been good?"
Her response was 
"I want Anna!"

We got a good laugh.
Elijah finally declared that he couldn't be Santa 
because he had a set of keys.
Why would Santa need keys?
Good logic to me.

We ended the night with cake, ice cream and presents.
So thankful I got to be a part of it.

Happy Birthday Son!

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