Where's Wendy?

I am spending this week in our nations capital.
I get to walk by this little house daily.

One of my favorite spots to frequent
involves the freshest seafood.

Right off the boats.

The toughest part is decided what to order.
Crab legs or shrimp?
Maybe both.

I realize most people who vacate to DC
don't find the food the topic of discussion.
I on the other hand,
come here several times a year
to accompany my honey on his business trips.
How many times can a person walk 
through all these museums?
I used to think I'd spend every day in them but now...
 "been there, done that" is how I feel about it.

I walked past this little monument 
when I met Mark at his job.
He works right down the road from Seafood City.

Washington DC is a beautiful city.
If it weren't for the politics that it represents,
it would be more enjoyable.
Let's not think about that.
I'll think about that tomorrow.

Where is Rhett when we need him?

Have a happy!

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  1. oh Seafood City. Yummier! As you show it and say that word.