Trick or Treat

This time of year is so fun.
The colors.
Falling leaves.
Making memories.

I love Halloween when all the sweet neighborhood children
sport their favorite costume and gather enough nerve to knock on a door and 
say those magic words,
"Trick or Treat"

It is one of the highlights of my year to sit outside by a fire
with all my family as we wait for the kids.

What a thrill for me when my 
Halloween Pottery Barn catalog 
showed up in my mailbox last week.

I dropped what I was doing and  
scoured through the pages.
The costumes are adorable.
I need everything.
I saw these cute bags and thought 
they'd be great for Danielle's class.

My wheels started spinning to figure I could make them.
I'm no seamstress!
I'm proud when I can get the bobbin
 in the machine correctly.

I made a mental list and headed to the store 
to pick up some felt.

20 hours later and I have bags 
coming out of the yin-yang.

I began by hand-stitching the faces on by then I got smart 
and finished the whole project on the machine. 

 I added an embellishment 
by tying some ribbon on the side.
My craft room is wall to wall bags.

It was a fun project and I think the children in her class will enjoy taking them home 
filled with all the goodies they receive in 2nd grade.

Do you have childhood Halloween memories?
I was a witch one year. 
I had that gook to make my nose long and pointed.

Not so good in South Florida because it 
melted in a long gooey gunk. 
I remember walking up to a house where they left a tray of pennies with a sign that said, "take 1."
What about the weirdo's that hand out fruit!
What kid wants fruit?
We had one neighbor that handed out those huge Hershey bars.
We went back to that house several times.

Good times and great memories.

Happy October To You!

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