I'm staying in The Mayflower Renaissance Hotel.
It is gorgeous.
It hosts several events, including Inaugural Balls 
and State dinners 
and some fabulous weddings. 

I regret not bringing my camera.
iPhone doesn't do it justice. 

Allow me to grab some of google images.

This is like our room except we have a king.
Pretty swanky.

I enjoy walking through the halls
and peeking into the different ballrooms.

It's located smack dab in the middle of everywhere 
you would want to be.

The popular choice for lunch are food trucks.
They are everywhere and the options are plentiful.

How to choose?

Flip a coin.

There is even a lobster truck!

Mark & I are doing low carbs
so it's nice to have lots of choices.

This Godiva shop 
is next door to our hotel.
How many carbs is that?

We are having fun
exploring this area. 
I've spent my days in the gym,
shopping, Starbucks and wandering the streets.
Of course,
our evenings are spent watching the World Series.

Go KC!!

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  1. Nice places to go and the inside is posh alright. I loved those days in travel.
    Hubby and I took off every weekend.