Our girl is 6!
When God placed Kacey in our family,
we didn't know what a gift we were receiving.
God picked her out just for our family.
This beautiful angel has the sweetest disposition.
She loves life.

Whether riding horses, running, or swimming...
she is very competitive.

A natural athlete.

This picture is before she took some scissors to that gorgeous hair.
I must say that the hair brushing is much easier now.

One thing I love about Kacey is,
she loves to be silly.
As I was scrolling through my 10,000 pictures of her,
there were hundreds of photos that she took of herself making funny faces.
She is a party.

Miss Photogenic.


How I adore you.

Sweet freckles.

Happy Birthday Kacey.

1 comment:

  1. What a pretty girl Kacey is. She sure loves life alright. As a kid I loved to bobble for apples. She loves to socialize. Good for her. Your right really a photogenic little beauty.

    Wow she is cool riding the horse our one family is riders at that age . What beautiful hair long to short.