Birthday Fun

We celebrated Kacey & Abigails birthdays.
They were both born at the end of October.
I can't think of a better way to welcome in the Fall 
than with apples.
Danielle came up with the cutest idea of using apples 
as the theme for the party.

Toppings galore
Apple pie
Apple strudel 
Apple turnovers
Apple juice
You get the idea.

Family & friends,
we are very blessed.

Guess what Abi wanted for her birthday.

Guess what Abi received for her birthday.
Anything and everything Anna.

Kacey asked for Elsa and she got everything Elsa.
I haven't come across those pictures yet.

Is this disturbing?
He is one of the kids favorite uncles
and you can see why.

I so enjoy parties.
I love that they bring those we love together.

I am beyond grateful with how blessed 
I am with my dear family. 
I love knowing we have each other through out life.

I feel the same way with many of you who follow my story.
Hope all is well with you.

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